4. Mobile Medical Outreach Supplies and Equipment

4. Medical Programs: Mobile Medical Outreach Supplies and Equipment

Program Goal: Purchase and provide medications and supplements for use in a Rural Medical Outreach Camp delivered directly to under served rural communities.

Program Benefit: This program allows Canadians Sharing to improve health outcomes by 141220-160701hlrallowing sophisticated medical checkups to the local villages and tribal regions. Health levels are improved by supplying free vitamins, supplements and medicines to the general population. Patients with more serious medical issues are referred back the The Sri Narayani Hospital and Research Center for further evaluations. Several hundred men, women and children have improved health each month.
How the Program Works in South India:

We work with a registered Indian Charity in the Vellore District of South India, Tamil Nadu State to purchase, supply and deliver medicine, supplements and medical supplies to the poor in under-baby care 200served rural communities in Southern India. We also provide portable medical equipment to use as each patient is examined like stethoscopes, birthing simulators, blood pressure monitors and weight scales to support the outreach. With the help of our charitable partner The Sri Sakthi Amma Health Care Trust we help to provide free rural medical outreach to the Vellore District. The Sri Sakthi Amma Health Care Trust is the charitable organization that supports the 500 bed Sri Narayani Hospital and Research Center which provides free medical outreach services to the local community. The Health Care Trust organizes the logistics for outreach which includes sending several vans, specialized nurses and doctors to the location of the outreach. Often the outreach is held in surrounding village community centers, schools or even remote tribal areas. We purchase the equipment, medications and supplies directly from the supplier or manufacturer and arrange141220-162737Hlr for the delivery in many of the medical Outreach Camps that are organized throughout the year that support existing Sri Narayani Hospital outreach programs. The Sri Narayani Hospital identifies at risk patients through the free medical outreach and refers patients back the the hospital in severe cases. We review the equipment and medicines required, select and purchase the supportive medicines and vitamins identified as a priority to the community by the Trust. The Hospital provides the equipment or training so that each individual can receive the most benefit from our program and achieve the best health care outcomes. Our programs are free of cost.

All financial donations are receipted and tax-deductible. Your contribution will go a long way towards providing medications and supplements at the Outreach Camps.cah14-31-tax-time-graphics-eng-38