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Annual General Meeting 2014

April 18, 2014

For the Annual General Meeting

Dear Friends,

As the Executive Director, I have also had the privilege of being involved in the fast paced growth Canadians Sharing Locally and Globally has had in its very first year. Our vision of delivering food, healthcare, education,  Support for the environment and emergency disaster relief to underserved communities internationally has become a reality, one person at a time.

Our projected budget for 2013 included 1 Canadian Outreach Program, 15 quality of life enhancing Programs in south India, and 1 Program for emergency disaster relief world wide.  Our monetary budget was C$49,230 and I am delighted to report that we have received donations and pledges to date that have exceeded the budget.

In 2013 we completed our Canadian Outreach Program which included:

In Ottawa the Program Launch in July which included a picnic and a scenic Ottawa River tour

In Ottawa in August an information pavilion explaining the fifteen programs in India and the one international disaster relief program

In Toronto in September an information table at the Hindu Mandir Executive Conference introducing the Charity and its charitable programs worldwide.  We also participated in a public speaking engagement explaining the benefits of volunteerism.

In Calgary in December an introduction was given for the Charity Programs and a fund-raising campaign was launched.

In 2013 we also completed several components of our south Indian International Programs.

Through Program Element 1 – Which Supplies Basic Amenities we purchased and supplied 600 Tribal children of ages 5 to 15 with rainjackets to protect them from the cool winter weather in the mountains and reduce disease.

Through Program Element 2 – The Critical Needs Nutritional Program we purchased and delivered 3 months’ worth of food to The Mary Charity, a private home housing 25 differently-abled people in Vellore, Tamil Nadu, south India.  It came to our attention while we were visiting in India the charity had previously run out of food. Several undernourished seniors share meals during the days with the predominantly differently abled as well.

Through Program Element 3 – The Medical Equipment Program we purchased and delivered a dialysis machine for the Sri Narayani Hospital and Research Center

Through Program Element 9 – Supplying Grade School Equipment we arranged for the purchase and delivery of 2 Smart Boards for the Sri Narayani Vidyalaya School.

Through Program Element 13 – Publications for the College of Nursing Library we purchased subscriptions to various journals for the Sri Narayani College of Nursing.

Through Program Element 14 – The Environmental Program we purchased and planted 23 ten foot Indian Almond trees to provide shade and fruit. We also purchased and planted 93 large mixed variety local trees  to reforest the local area

Through Program Element 15 – The Waste Management Program we purchased and delivered protective gear for 30 workers in the waste management recycling program in Thirumalaikodi.

You can see videos and pictures of these programs at or on Facebook or on Twitter at @cdnssharing

For the Board of Directors Meeting

2014 will be an equally exciting year and our program vision has been expanded significantly from over C$49,230 in 2013 to a C$117,094 in 2014.  There are still several programs that we are completing in India from the 2013 budget.  We anticipate increasing funding for each of the 15 programs we currently support in south India delivering food, healthcare, education,  support for the environment and one Program for emergency disaster relief to underserved communities  internationally.  Of specific interest will be fund-raising for an Anesthesia Work Station for the hospital in the amount of C$32,000, significantly more funds made available for Primary and Secondary School and Nursing Scholarships as well as an expanded Environmental Program. Internationally we are currently exploring  to partner with a Canadian Charitable Organization actively supporting disaster relief in the Philippines.

We’re really excited about the opportunities that are being created to support people at different points in their lives in southern India and Worldwide.  We believe this is very important support and I feel that if we do not support an impoverished first generation student, if we do not support a young nurse that has recently lost her parents, if we do not buy needed medical equipment to reduce disease, if we do not rehabilitate our environment or teach much needed job skills in an impoverished rural Indian landscape, then who will?  What a great opportunity to share and grow!  We view Canadians Sharing Locally and Globally as a really important and direct way of supporting the daily lives and aspirations of people living in and around Vellore, south India and disaster struck areas worldwide.

I can say I have been personally touched and transformed through this opportunity to volunteer for Canadians Sharing Locally and Globally.  Our experiences have been really profound.

I invite those interested in transformation to join us!

Thank you to The Board of Directors, our Volunteers, and our Well-wishers and Donors.


John W. Wenuk,
Executive Director

Engaging Canadians with the realities of poverty and the lack of opportunity that faces many people in Southern India.
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