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Event: Second Annual Volunteer Appreciation and Fundraising Event



Thanks, Everyone


For supporting us at our volunteer appreciation picnic.  The weather was perfect for badminton, volleyball, swimming and boating.  The canoe and kayak got wet as well.  The potluck menu was awesome, thanks especially to everyone that made and brought such an appealing array of tasty dishes.  Cathy has some new recipes to try!

We also launched our “Piggies from Heaven” campaign in Ottawa that collects loose change through volunteer involvement to buy food for those experiencing poverty in India.  Thanks to all of those that took piggy banks home to support the program!

If you wish to share your comments about the fun, games, food or charitable programs we’ll share them with everyone. More videos and images will be posted on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter

Second Annual Fundraiser

Second Annual Fundraiser

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Without volunteerism, nothing could have happened.  We are grateful for your support!