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Our Work For 2017

Program Summary for 2017

We are a Canadian Charity that connects with some of the most disenfranchised individual, families and small communities in southern India and in disaster struck areas around the world.

In South India we have 9 programs to improve health care and education.  We work with several registered charitable trusts to assist individuals, families and small communities to create opportunities created by better health and education.  We make the most impact by directly supporting people through a series of medical and educational programs.

Worldwide we provide relief to people trapped in humanitarian disasters like the Syrian Refugee Exodus.  We work through accredited Canadian Organizations like The Canadian Red Cross.

We are volunteers and every dollar donated to our programs results in a dollar being spent in South India or with our worldwide partners.  We invite you to contribute your time, skills and financially to support our various programs.

Your financial assistance is tax deductible in Canada and will be a significant contribution assisting people at their point of greatest need.



Here are the opportunities to be involved:

  • Sharing your time with us at special events in Canada, in your community, in south India or in disaster struck areas of the world;
  • Fundraising Locally or Globally
  • Volunteering your skills at fundraising;
  • Sharing your skills – computer skills, writing, artwork, newsletters, special events…
  • Sharing this information with your family, friends and community; and/or
  • Sharing financially – by donating funds either through lump sum or regular monthly contributions, by a special honorarium, through planned giving, or through your will.

Please help with your contribution to any of the programs listed below:

Budget by Program Element:

Medical Programs in South India:


  1. Critical Needs “Dhanam” Programs: We supply food ingredients, clothing and basic housewares for individuals and groups experiencing poverty.
  1. Medical Equipment: We purchase medical equipment identified by our hospital partners in India.
  2. Differently-Abled Equipment: We supply adaptive and medical devices for physically and mentally challenged  people including crutches, hearing aids, eyeglasses, wheelchairs, and customized tricycles.
  3. Medical Outreach Program:  We purchase and provide medicines, supplements, medical supplies and mobile equipment delivered directly to under-served communities.

Education and Vocational Training Programs in South India:


  1. Grade School Scholarships: We supply scholarships that pay for tuition, uniforms, and educational supplies for qualifying grade school students.
  2. Grade School Educational Equipment: We supply school equipment like projectors, smart boards, computer equipment, and other educational materials .
  3. Vocational Training: We supply training equipment like sewing machines and sewing supplies to provide vocational training provided by our charitable partners in India.
  4. Nursing School Scholarships: We supply nursing scholarships to pay for school materials including clothing, books, uniforms and tuition for qualifying Sri Narayani College of Nursing students.
  5. College of Nursing Library: We purchase and deliver books including medical publications and supplies to build the nursing college library at The Sri Narayani College of Nursing.

Emergency Disaster Relief:

  1. Disaster Relief: We provide food, water, shelter and basic supplies in times of disaster, anywhere in the world. Sharing Locally and Globally                                                                                           

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