How Do We Share?

Canadians Sharing Locally and Globally is a registered charity that relieves the effects of poverty and creates new opportunities in south India and in disaster struck areas in Nepal. In the Vellore district of south India our Medical Programs have 6 different components that address nutrition, basic needs like clothing and supplies, medicines, hospital equipment, special needs adaptive devices and rural medical outreach programs. Our Education and Training Programs in the Vellore District have 9 different elements that include school scholarships, nursing scholarships, school equipment, nursing college equipment, vocational training and environmental programs. Through our Nepal Emergency Disaster Relief Program we support existing Canadian organizations working on the ground providing direct aid following the disastrous earthquakes there.

Locally we share by engaging volunteers and building awareness of the needs and opportunities that people in South India and Nepal face. We support awareness in local communities throughout the world for our programs and the direct beneficial relief that the programs deliver.

Globally we share by engaging volunteers all over the world in supporting our charitable partners as we carry out 16 medical, educational and Nepalese disaster relief programs that relieve poverty and create the foundation for social change. Only when the crushing burden of poverty is reduced can opportunity flourish in the rural areas we work in. Many of our programs involve small budgets and just a few people. Through our programming societal change happens one person, one family, one community at a time.

We are an entirely volunteer organization that engages volunteers locally and globally with our charitable partners in India and worldwide to alleviate poverty and create opportunity. Our volunteers come from all walks of life. We offer the opportunity for charitably minded people to make a difference, one person at a time, in parts of the world that are often not easily reached.

100% of the donation amounts we are given for our Indian programs are invested in the direct purchase of items like food, clothing and basic housewares, medicine, medical equipment, medical equipment for people with special needs trees, clothing, nursing and grade school scholarships and vocational training.  Our disaster relief program in Nepal supports Canadian Charitable Organizations as they administer aid in devastated areas. Each of our 16 programs improves the quality of life and opportunities for people, families and communities who live in less advantaged communities of the world.