Where We Work


A mural showing India.

Many of our program themes in health care and education are centered in and around Thirumalaikodi in The Vellore District, Tamil Nadu, South India.   Program venues might be in Vellore, some of the small rural villages around Thirumalaikodi, or even in the mountain ranges to the south and west of Thirumalaikodi.


A mural showing Tamil Nadu State.

The changes we have witnessed in and around Thirumalaikodi have been amazing.
•    Children who may have once been working in the fields are now able to find and continue their education and prepare themselves for a better future.
•    Nutritional and health programs have helped to reduce incidence of disease among local villagers and mothers and children now have better chances of survival.

Medical services are now easy to reach.


A mural showing the Vellore District. We work in and around Thirumalaikodi.

•    Job skills acquired through the vocational training programs have resulted in an increase in businesses in the area.
•    Villagers now benefit from cleaner water, better sanitation, and a more comfortable physical environment.
•    The average temperature has dropped by about 4 degrees as the reforestation program has served to refresh and re-energize the local environment.
•    Nurses are being trained and encouraged to practice their profession locally so that better health care can be available for everyone.



A mural on the wall at The Sri Narayani Vidyalaya shows where we work.