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Improving educational Outcomes in India

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Furthering Primary and Secondary School Outcomes in India

We work in India to improve educational outcomes for underprivileged boys and girls.  We donate primary and secondary school scholarships and educational resources to support students in existing local school programs.

In a typical school year an average of 70% of the boys, girls, young men and women are the first generation in their families to receive a formal education.

We help the most needful students succeed by donating scholarships and educational resources to support and enhance their studies. The knowledge gained is instrumental in supporting good practices in the under-served communities we support.


We support K – 12 Grade Schools which provide an exceptional quality educational experience for students. Students generally come from the local rural agricultural community and small villages in our catchment areas.  In any given year approximately 70% of the students are the first generation in their families to have a formal education. Canadians Sharing Locally and Globally’s scholarships enable students with challenging social or financial circumstances to enter great schools and start their education.


We support higher education at Colleges and Institutes in India. These Schools provide an exceptional quality educational experience offering various degrees.  The Schools enable candidates with challenging social and economical backgrounds to continue their education. The degrees obtained offer students and graduates the chance of serving their often rural communities by working in their communities.


Primary and Secondary School Educational Resources for India

We augment the existing educational programs of Indian Charities in India.  We donate educational aids to schools to assist underprivileged kindergarten, primary and secondary school students to support a better educational experience.  Our schools provide an exceptional quality educational experience for the local agricultural community.  In any school year approximately 70% of the students are the first generation of learners in their families. Scholarships and educational resources from Canadians Sharing Locally and Globally enable students to have a better educational experience.  With our support, students are able to share their new knowledge with their friends, family, village and community to create long lasting positive change at a grass roots community level. 

One of the schools we support in India is The Sri Narayani Vidyalaya Grade School. It is a kindergarten to Grade 12 school that provides an excellent educational experience for the disadvantaged rural community surrounding the school. The educational resources that we provide are guided by the needs of our students. We augment their own existing local educational programs. The educational resources that we donate include books, overhead projectors, computers, software, smart boards and other educational equipment that help to improve the learning experience for our students.

Educational Scholarships and Resource Materials For Colleges and Institutes

Canadians Sharing Locally and Globally partners with colleges and Institutes in India.  One of those colleges is called the The Sri Narayani College of Nursing at Sekonoor, Vellore District in Southern India. We donate scholarships to deserving young women in need of financial support. 

We also donate reference books, magazines, software and hardware and other educational aids to support outstanding quality education.  Our student nurses come from a variety of backgrounds including low income, rural and socially diverse families.

We help the most deserving women navigate uncertain times in their lives.  Many of the young women are the first generation in their families to have formal higher education.  Their education empowers change as their new knowledge reaches their families, friends and communities to create awareness about good health practices.


Nursing College Scholarships & Resources

Our goal is to advance health care through education by donating scholarships to aspiring nursing students. We carefully select the most support-worthy young woman that will receive the most from our scholarship.  We collaborate with registered Indian Charities to improve access, opportunities and educational outcomes for underprivileged women living in underserved rural and urban neighbourhoods.

One of the institutions we support is the Sri Narayani School and College of Nursing in Vellore District, India. This Nursing College provides an exceptionally good quality educational experience for young women and offers many degree courses.

Among the degrees offered are a two year Diploma in M.Sc. Nursing, a two year Diploma in Post Basic B.Sc. Nursing and a three and a half year Diploma in General Nursing and Midwifery.  Young women with a minimum 12 years study with physics, chemistry and biology are accepted into the college.  

Nursing students come through a variety of local urban and rural communities.  Our scholarships support low income, often first-generation nursing support for their tuition which helps to pay for food and accommodation, facility expenses, books, study materials and uniforms.  The scholarships and applications are available to the general public free of cost. Young women in need of support already studying in the college can apply for financial assistance.

Join Tens of Thousands of People

Your contribution to support our students enrolled in our Educational Programs will go a long way towards assisting our first generation learners to complete their education and improve their circumstances. Tax receipts are issued for all financial and in-kind donations. 

Canadians Sharing Locally + Globally provides medical, nutritional, educational and environmental outreach in India. As an entirely volunteer-orientated organization with no employees, every donation is invested efficiently and directly into our impactful humanitarian programs.