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How We Do What We Do


We strive to build self-reliance and confidence for everyone through our International Development Programs in India, Ukraine and Pakistan. Our vision is to build safe, inclusive, engaged and empowered communities through impactful initiatives that respect the needs of our charitable colleagues internationally. Our vision includes the opportunity for volunteers to experience the personal and professional transformation that being charitable offers.

Charity Description:

Canadians Sharing Locally and Globally is a Canadian volunteer-based humanitarian organization established in 2013. We provide humanitarian services to underserved people by donating medicines and medical equipment, nutrition, educational scholarships and equipment, trees and disaster relief support throughout India and worldwide.  Our current humanitarian crisis appeals support refugees from Ukraine and disaster relief in Pakistan.

Our organization is facilitated entirely by volunteers, and every donation is invested directly and impact-fully supporting International Development in India and around the world.


We’re organized as groups to contribute to what we love.  We have teams for fundraising, website design and maintenance, media design, media posting, the IT team to support operations, the volunteer management team, the environmental team and others.  A minimum of 2 hours of volunteer work is required for a term of at least one year.

Join Us For Our Earth Day Walk And Run


Registration Is Free!

Make a big difference to the world with a greener planet! Walk or Run with team Canadians Sharing and Green Sakthi for Earth Day April 2024! We’re walking and running all around the world as part of our #5MillionTree initiative in South India to plant 5 million trees. We’re walking for trees which will be planted by the #GreenSakthi team in order to restore and create new forests. Walk on your own, put a team together in your community, or sponsor someone to show your love to create new green forests! Every contribution helps and every C$10 buys a beautiful tall indigenous tree!!


Earth Day is in April and we’re celebrating it by walking and donating during the month of April.  You have plenty of time to choose a day that works best for you and your supporters!

Please sign up and ask your friends and family to support you for your walk, sponsor someone, or donate to someone you love for the walk!  It’s all for Mother Nature.


Choose your favourite local place where you like to connect with nature.  Check with your friends to hear where they want to walk. 

Registration is free and open to kids, adults, groups or pets anywhere around the world. You can register to participate in a 1km, 5km or 40 km (or whatever-you-can-do) walk in a desired location while your community sponsors you. Every dollar raised contributes directly to our 5 million trees program

Fundraise as you walk

Registration is free for #5MillionTrees this year. If you can’t participate by walking, sponsor someone! Or both! Walk 4 Trees gives us a chance to connect with nature, ourselves and our community while making an impact on our planet.

In previous years, participants from over 20 countries have raised over $60k and provided the planet with over 40 000 new trees.



Join Thousands of Caring People

Make a difference your own way!  Improve the lives of vulnerable people by improving the environment, improving health care, nutrition, education or disaster relief.  Make a change – show your love and kindness  for underserved folks in India! Give a bit of disaster relief to Ukrainian Refugees and help to support a rebuilt Pakistan.  Lastly – volunteer with us –  as volunteers we’ve been Opening Hearts and Opportunities since 2013.  

Where do your donations go?

Your donations for our Indian Programs are invested in the direct purchase of items that reduce the effects of poverty.  That includes food, clothing, medicine and medical equipment.  We invest in students by giving nursing and grade school scholarships as well as educational equipment and resources including computers, software and smartboards.  

Donations for our Worldwide Disaster Relief Programs in Ukraine and Pakistan are given to support local on-the-ground charities with their disaster relief efforts.

Canadians Sharing Locally + Globally provides medical, nutritional, educational and environmental outreach in India. We support Ukrainian Refugees and Pakistan Relief Efforts. As an entirely volunteer-orientated organization with no employees, every donation is invested efficiently and directly into our impactful humanitarian programs as needed.