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Solely Volunteer Operated.

We are an entirely volunteer organization  that engages volunteers locally and globally with our charitable partners in South India and worldwide.  Our goal is to alleviate poverty, reduce disease, encourage education and create new opportunity.  Our volunteers come from all walks and stages of life with varieties of skills.  We volunteer through our own virtual offices which means we all contribute when and if we have time.  We make a difference, one person and family at a time, in parts of the world that are often to remote to reach.

Join us in improving the lives of those in need in India and in disaster struck areas worldwide. Through our programs in India:

  • We provide basic assistance to the poor and disadvantaged including donations of meal ingredients, clothing and basic household supplies.
  • We improve the lives of children in surrounding communities, mainly first generation learners, by providing educational equipment and scholarships to improve the quality of educations.
  • We provide educational equipment and educational supplies to K – 12 Grade Schools.

canadians sharing locally & globally

  • We provide educational supplies and educational equipment to Institutes and Colleges of Nursing 
  • We provide equipment, medicines and vitamins to support The Sri Narayani Hospital’s outreach program in over 200 rural towns and villages.
  • We support hospitals in India with equipment including: ultrasound machines, anesthesia machines, dialysis machines, specialized chairs and beds, dental equipment, optical equipment, operating equipment, o9xygen ventilators and defibrillators. 
  • Through our Emergency Disaster Relief program we provide medical and relief  assistance.

How Can You Get Involved?


Volunteering with Canadians Sharing Locally & Globally offers an opportunity to become directly involved in improving the conditions and outcome in someone else’s life.  Our experience has been that we become strengthened by giving and softened by the great need for giving. We’ve learned and practiced different technical skills and come away with the experience that, yes, one person can really make a difference, one person at a time.

We are a very fast-paced, creative organization that has its challenges and great rewards as well. Here are some of the assistance we need at this time:

  • Development and management of social networking opportunities such as Facebook, Twitter and other social networking possibilities
  • Website, Facebook, Twitter, You-Tube content development
  • Fund-raising in local communities
  • Graphics designs to produce informative brochures
  • Program support in each country by sharing with your family, friends and community
  • Program support and development in southern India
  • Crowd-Funding is required for some urgently needed new hospital medical equipment

Every Bit of Help Counts.

We will be grateful if you can spare a few hours on research, a few hours on a project, spend a few hours from time to time as needed, or accept either a part time or full time position.  We can qualify students for community service hours.  If you want to make a difference with your skills volunteering in an environment that creates joy through service to mankind, please create positions that are in your area of expertise and interest.

“Volunteering has introduced me to a world that I knew nothing about. I have learned so much and met so many incredible people…..I would encourage anyone with a few hours to spare and a desire to explore new worlds to consider volunteering. There are so many ways to lend a hand to someone less fortunate, and the rewards are incredible. You will meet new people. You will make new friends. You will learn new things. You will grow. You will have fun. And in the process, you will be helping to keep your community alive.”


2016 Recipient Of VOscars Mayor’s Award with Volunteer Ottawa

Canadians Sharing Locally + Globally provides medical, nutritional, educational and environmental outreach in India. As an entirely volunteer-orientated organization with no employees, every donation is invested efficiently and directly into our impactful humanitarian programs.