Medical Programs

Improving Health Outcomes in India

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Providing Medical Equipment and Medicines to India

Our goal is to improve locally defined health care outcomes to support access to high quality medical services.  With the guidance of our charitable partners in India  we donate urgently needed medical and dental equipment, vitamins and minerals, as well as medicines.

One of the hospital groups that we support is The Sri Narayani Hospital and Allied Medical Services Group.  This is the main campus.

medical equipment 

We donate medical equipment to support self-determined medical programs for hospitals in India.   Our goal is to improve access and subsidize any cost of the health care needs of the local communities each hospital serves. 

We support is The Sri Narayani Hospital and Allied Medical Services Group.  This medical organization is a charitable group that operates on a nonprofit basis to serve the health needs of local communities.

The Group includes The Sri Narayani Hospital and Research Centre, The Sri Sakthi Amma Hospital, and Sakthi Amma Clinics.  The educational organizations in the group include The Sri Narayani College of Nursing, The Institute of Allied Health Sciences, The Institute of Paramedicals and related medical services. This group provides affordable and often free health care to under-served people in the Vellore and Tiruvannamalai District communities in South India.    

Medical Supplies and Equipment Includes:

Medication, Vitamins, Supplements

Personal Protective Equipment

Anesthesia Work Stations

Transport Beds

COVID 19 Lab Equipment

Equipment for Mobile Medical Outreaches

Crash Carts

Ophthalmology Equipment

Portable Doplers and Related Equipment

Dental X-Ray Equipment


Blood Pressure Monitors

Patient Monitors

High Flow Oxygen Ventilators

Adjustable Hospital Beds

Dialysis Machines and Related Equipment

Regular Oxygen Ventilators

Syringe Pumps

Patient Transporters

ECG's and Related Equipment

Ultrasounds and Related Equipment

Cardiology Equipment


Patient Transporters

Other Life Saving Equipment

Support Access To Better Health Care In India

Our goal is to ensure that the donations we provide are invested directly and efficiently to provide easier access to high quality health care in India.  Everything we provide is self-determined by the local communities we support.  We buy world-class medical equipment directly from Indian suppliers who deliver, install, and warranty the equipment.  Our equipment is installed directly into the charitable hospitals that we support.   that can be found in developed countries all around the globe.

Free Community Health Outreach

We support programs that provide free community health outreach in association with charitable organizations throughout the Vellore and Tiruvannamalai Districts in India. Each health outreach is focused on particular diseases that are familiar to the local population including diabetes, high blood pressure, malaria and a host of pathogens.  We provide medicines, vitamins, disposables and portable medical equipment for the outreach programs. 

The communities we support organize the logistics to reach into disadvantaged rural and urban communities.  The team includes specialized nurses,  doctors, as well as nursing and paramedical students sent to the location of the community outreach.  Free community health outreach is conducted regularly to over 400 neighbouring rural villages and urban neighbourhoods.  Each community outreach is specialized to the health needs of the area. The outreach is held in village community centers, village schools and includes remote mountainous indigenous regions.  

Optimal Community Health

We serve over 400 small villages or hamlets as well as underserved urban neighbourhoods. Community health outreach programs are specialized for common illnesses in the regions we support.  Each patient is accessed for health parameters and their health is documented for future referral.  Specialized outreach themes include assessments for general health, neurology, ophthalmology, cardiology, diabetes, and audiology to name a few. At risk patients, identified through the free health outreach program, are referred back to hospitals for further diagnosis.  Each individual receives the most benefit from our health outreach programs to achieve the best health care outcomes, free of cost.

Our Nutritional Program outreach serves local residents living in dire poverty.  That includes the street involved, people with physical and perceptual challenges and poor transient people in the area. 

We believe proper nutrition is the basis of good health.  Canadians Sharing Locally and Globally works with Registered Indian Charities in India already removing the pangs of poverty in their own communities. Our Nutritional Programs relieve poverty by providing the very basic necessities of life – clean water and food. In conjunction with our charitable partners we support those experiencing poverty and lack of opportunity by providing basic food ingredients. Collaborating with our charitable partners in India we identify local needs. We organize various outreach programs that serve nourishing meals with clean water to thousands of hungry people in hundreds of communities each year. 

Meals are delivered and served to this orphanage

We donate local food ingredients and the supplies used in the preparation of healthy meals. Our donations include bottled gas for cooking, drinking water, rice, wheat, dahl, cracked wheat, spices and vegetables.

Our charitable partners in India also organize various outreach programs to provide clothing, blankets and other basic personal supplies and amenities to impoverished individuals, families and differently abled individuals in small and remote communities. We assist at risk families and groups with special needs, paying particular attention to families with only one wage earner.

This free community meal program reaches into the most disenfranchised communities

Canadians Sharing Locally + Globally provides medical, nutritional, educational and environmental outreach in India. As an entirely volunteer-orientated organization with no employees, every donation is invested efficiently and directly into our impactful humanitarian programs.