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Disaster Relief in Central America

Disaster Relief in Central America


Canadians Sharing Locally and Globally has received an emergency plea to help minimize the damage caused by the recent hurricanes in Central America. There is a significant need currently to help with the emergency clean up response in Central America due to the hurricanes.

Across much of Central America, millions of people have seen their lives torn apart by nature. On November 3rd, Hurricane Eta, a Category 4 storm, swept its way through Central America, causing heavy rains, flooding and damage to vital infrastructure, homes and crops. Only two weeks later, Hurricane Iota, a category 5 storm, hit many of the same areas. The hurricanes have impacted more than 4 million people across Central America, with the most extensive damage being reported in Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua.

These extremely destructive storms come at a time when individuals and families in parts of Central America are already struggling. They are now dealing with the impact of three emergencies at the same time: the hurricanes, COVID-19 and a pre-existing humanitarian crisis fueled by poverty and inequality. Your gift can be a lifeline to those in dire need of help.

Canadians Sharing is partnering with A Trusted Canadian Charity with direct experience in Nicaragua to support rebuilding efforts to help save lives and alleviate suffering. You gift will help fund their work! Please give generously to our Worldwide Disaster Relief Fund.

Thank you for your generosity and care during this critical moment. 

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